Bituminous primer

optimal bonding and substrate preparation for bitumen-based construction materials | deep intrusion | quick drying | based on bitumen and solvents

Intended use

EASYPHALT® PRIME serves as a primer for bituminous road materials, joint tapes, crack tapes, bituminous fillers and bituminous adhesive compositions, bitumen coatings as well as welded asphalt sheetings.

Installation & Use

The substrate must be dry, clean and free of grease. The processing temperature (environmental and sub-surface temperature) should not be below +5 °C and not above +35 °C. Do not use on plastic or other non-solvent resistant substrates! The can should be thoroughly shaken for approx. 1 minute before processing. Spray EASYPHALT®PRIME evenly on the surface to be primed from a distance of approx. 25 cm. Make sure that the spray head always faces downwards. Allow to dry thoroughly before applying subsequent layers. Do not use indoors!

Can content is sufficient for about 3 m2, depending on the substrate and application.


Further uses

  • Hot mix
  • Joint tape
  • Crack tape
  • bituminous fillers and bituminous adhesive compositions
  • Bituminous coatings
  • welded asphalt sheetings


This product is frost-resistant! Can be stored for about 12 months in original sealed containers. The material should be kept away from ignition sources.


Only recycle empty containers. Material remnants can be disposed according to AVV-ASN: 160504* (hazardous substances contain gases in pressure vessels (including halons)) and uncleaned packaging according to AVV-ASN: 150110* (packaging containing residues of hazardous substances or contaminated by hazardous substances).



1st Step:
Sweep off

Before installation remove any dirt from the surface.

2nd Step:

RECOMMENDATION: For maximum durability, we advise that you treat the installation surface with a bituminous primer like EASYPHALT® PRIME.

Recommended step – not mandatory.

3rd Step:

Spread the required amount of EASYPHALT® slightly protruding the height of the original surface.

4th Step:
Moisten and compress

EASYPHALT® PRO and EASYPHALT® AQUA soak with water (about 5 litres of water per 25 kg bucket). Compress all EASYPHALT® with a roller, vibratory plate or hand tamper. The surface can be approved for traffic immediately after installation.

Moisten only if using EASYPHALT® PRO and EASYPHALT® AQUA