Our EASYPHALT® products are ready to use and can handle traffic or loads immediately after installation. They consist of environmentally friendly raw materials, are ecologically friendly, solvent-free and recyclable. The production takes place under strict quality controls.


EASYPHALT® BASIC, EASYPHALT® PRO and EASYPHALT® AQUA can be installed year-round at temperatures between -20°C and +45°C. Before installation, please store at room temperature.


EASYPHALT® BASIC, EASYPHALT® PRO and EASYPHALT® AQUA are available in buckets of 25 kg each (equivalent to 1 m² at an installation depth of 1 cm). The shelf life is 12 months in the unopened bucket. The shelf life of vacuum-packed goods increases to 18 months.


EASYPHALT® BASIC is ideal for temporary asphalt repairs on low-traffic roads, secondary roads and sidewalks.

EASYPHALT® PRO meets the highest load requirements and is suitable for repairs on roads with high traffic, secondary roads, parking lots, driveways as well as industrial traffic areas.

In addition, EASYPHALT® PRO is perfect for closing the road surface after civil engineering works as well as for road connections next to and between tracks (trams, railway crossings, etc.) and for the connection of manhole covers. Installation is even possible on damp surfaces.

EASYPHALT® AQUA meets the highest demands in terms of load, is permeable to water and is especially suitable for repairing water-permeable, noise-reducing asphalt on roads with high traffic loads, secondary roads, parking lots, driveways as well as industrial traffic areas. Installation is even possible on damp surfaces.


Guaranteed quality

The formulations for EASYPHALT® BASIC, EASYPHALT® PRO and EASYPHALT® AQUA are developed in our own laboratory.

The quality requirements are checked as part of the factory production control and externally monitored by LGA Bautechnik GmbH.


Thanks to our ongoing research and development, we are continuously adapting our Easyphalt products to ever-increasing traffic loads.

Our competent, highly qualified employees regularly participate in working groups and training courses, enabling them to actively meet the increasing demands of the transport industry.

DIN Certified

All EASYPHALT® products are certified based on DIN 18200.

Competence and innovation for maximum safety on your roads!